Fundraising for your School or Organization

I wanted to have a chance to present a novel idea for your group or organization. As with most groups I am sure you are looking for ways to raise funds for projects, field trips or special events. You might have already done a bake sale, car wash or magazine drive.

I believe we have a product that is extremely easy to market and will prove very profitable for your organization.

Our school offers self-defense, fitness and martial arts training for children, teens and adults.

I have put together a 30-day package, which includes;

  • 2 semi-private lessons (Introductory individual/small group lessons)
  • 30 days of group classes (Unlimited access to regular classes)
  • Official Martial Arts uniform

The value of this package is $120.00.

This is what I propose as a way of helping your organization and our community.

  • Your group sells these packages as your fund-raiser for ONLY $20.00.
  • Your organization keeps $10 for your project and we get $10 for teaching the classes and providing the uniform.

Our community is full of people who would love to get in shape, learn to defend themselves or give their child some self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our school has been located in the community for 13 years. Rest assured that our instructors are some of the best available and everyone taking lessons will have a great experience. We are professional and pride ourselves in helping people reach their goals.

When dealing with many fund-raising efforts there is a need for the organization for incur upfront expenses. There are none with this project. You simply tell us how many packages you feel you need and we provide you with the marketing cards that your group will sell. Once the project is over (which we recommend to be 4-6 weeks) you will return the unsold cards and 50% of the proceeds.

If I can be of any help or answer any questions, please call me.


Master Sonny Pabuaya