After School Martial Arts Program

As founder of Iron Fist Tae Kwon Do Schools, I’d like to introduce you to our after-school program. We can custom-design an 8 week course for your school.

This is an introduction to Martial Arts, very basic, well organized, safe and fun. We focus on RESPECT—DISCIPLINE—CONTROL, along with learning some basic skills of awareness—avoidance and the ability to defend.

Our 8 week course includes eight one hour lessons with qualified instructors. The package price is only $55.00 per child(minimum of 10 children). Lessons run once a week, usually starting immediately after school.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay and view all classes.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay and view all classes. At the end of the eight weeks a special ceremony will be held at one of our schools. Parents can pick up uniforms at our headquarters at 675 Archibald St. in the St. Boniface area for half the cost with this program for only an extra $20.00.

We have had great success at Ecole Tuxedo Park School. We suggest an 8 week course, although we can also do a 10 week course for only $65.00 per child.

Our schools have served the community since 1995 and take great pride in our teaching methods and unique approach to presenting the philosophy of the Martial Arts. Any questions can be forwarded to our office at 231-3633. I look forward to working with you and your child in the near future.


Master Sonny Pabuaya